nuera Intelligence

nuera is the future of global universal unique identification.

Imagine technology that marked every individual item on a production line with a unique ID at the time of manufacture. It would be possible to scan a single item from a stock shelf and track the history of that item.

It would be possible to record the operator who made it, on which machine it was made, the date and time it was made, its final inspection, when it was ordered, who ordered it, when it was collected from the factory, in which box it was packed, on which pallet it was transported, the date and time it was dispatched, which truck it travelled on, as well as who transported it. Every detail of that item’s ‘journey’ could be recorded and stored for review at any time; even by the customer, giving them true confidence as to the item’s authenticity and integrity.



nuera is simple yet powerful.

From the beginning, the nuera design principle has been simple and pure. nuera-intelligence is based on individual encrypted identifiers. These identifiers are drawn from a registry with an uncomplicated, patented method of identifier allocation and administration. nuera-intelligence is a patented technology that makes the unique individual identification(UIID) of any item of interest, in an organisation or process, practical and cost affordable.

This is achieved by allocating a contiguous set of unique encrypted identifiers from a central registry to any client-system. The genius of this registry is that when a client-system requires another issue of identifiers, they simply follow on from the last identifier that was issued. In this way all client-systems can allocate identifiers to their products, safe in the knowledge their identifier will never be duplicated by another client-system.

Being able to uniquely identify individual items enables: precise item tracking, precise product recalls, the elimination of logistical errors, meticulous stock rotation, and precise control throughout a product’s ‘journey’. When coupled with automated input technology, nuera is a potent means of reducing operating cost and risk.




Making the impossible possible.

The value of UIID has historically been appreciated by commerce and industry, however, the associated physical difficulties and the limitations of communications and data capacity have made UIID impractical and unaffordable.


Linear and two dimensional barcodes are simply not capable, on their own, of representing the amount of data required to make UIID viable, practical and cost effective. The nuera identifier-code in concert with real-time communications, makes it possible for users to simply, safely and rapidly access unlimited data relating to any entity of interest.



Benefiting manufacturers, retailers, and consumers.

View the scenerio slideshows below to see how nuera-intelligence’s practicality will benefit the world for manufacturers, retailers, and consumers.



The future of nuera-intelligence

The past two years have seen nuera-intelligence move into the second phase of our ‘GlobalReady’ development program.
Set to change the way the world identifies, this year nuera-id are proud to have launched the first industry focussed, and solution base product, into the Australian marketplace that is powered by the revolutionary nuera-intelligence. This product has marked the first of a suite of products developed through the power of nuera-intelligence.

As nuera-id continue to work towards thier strategic objective of a globally universal unique identification system, they continue to develop thier core objective of identifying solutions worldwide, and respond with practical, solution based products, to meet the growing needs of the global market.

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