nuera IIIS

The ultimate manufacturing intelligence tool

Imagine technology that marked every individual item on a production line with a unique ID at the time of manufacture. It would be possible to scan a single item from a stock shelf and track the history of that item.

It would be possible to record the operator who made it, on which machine it was made, the date and time it was made, its final inspection, when it was ordered, who ordered it, when it was collected from the factory, in which box it was packed, on which pallet it was transported, the date and time it was dispatched, which truck it travelled on, as well as who transported it. Every detail of that item’s ‘journey’ could be recorded and stored for review at any time; even by the customer, giving them true confidence as to the item’s authenticity and integrity.



Powered by nuera-intelligence

nuera-intelligence is based on individual and encrypted identifiers. These identifiers are drawn from a registry with an uncomplicated, patented method of identifier allocation and administration.

nuera-intelligence is a patented technology that makes the unique individual identification(UIID) of any item of interest in an organisation or process, practical and cost affordable.

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Basically, nuera is a manufacturer’s dream.

How a nuera-identifier is utilised is completely customisable for each company’s needs.

A nuera-identifier can be used for anything from tracking, identifying, and confirming detail, right through to sales and marketing activities such as promotion and customer feedback. As such it is an ideal tool for gathering business intelligence.


nuera IIIS Dream



Powerful product benefits.

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Designed for simple integration.

The implementation of nuera-intelligence has been designed to seamlessly integrate into existing businesses and any production infrastructure. nuera Individual Item Identification System is immediately employable and can interface and inter-cooperate with any existing ID system.

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